4 Wonderful Features of 4k Gaming Monitors That You Must Know About

Gaming monitors or computer monitors are the modern day options for enjoying high resolution gaming rigs. Since they are so popular, they come in different sizes. Likewise, they vary in cost as well. The higher the resolution and the screen size is, the more a gaming monitor is going to cost. Which is why, it is recommended to buy the popular ones from websites like PrimeCables that offer attractive discounts.

4 Must Know Features Of 4K Gaming Monitors

To begin with, gaming monitors have different range of clarity according to their resolution. And it is a 4k gaming monitor that offers the best gaming experience since it does not hang or pixelate and works as smooth as velvet and butter. The 4 must know features that you mustn’t ignore about these monitors are listed down below.

  • Offers Utmost Precision While Playing – High-Quality gaming monitors make a use of AMD FreeSync technology. And the AMD graphic card is highly responsive to motion. As a result, these gaming monitors are fully capable of supporting fast-paced games without lagging. In fact, the video quality is thrilling because 4k gaming monitors are stuffed with 4 times more pixels than that you will find in FHD monitors.
  • Have a Dense Pixel Quantity – The 4k gaming monitors are bulked with about 8.3 million pixels. This amount is huge and easily supports videos that are super fast without the monitor hanging while in use. Besides, some of the best ones delivers 60Hz UHD and are made of Aluminum bezel. Also, the thinner the monitor is, the better it is.
  • Gives The Option of Customization – Not all gaming monitors give the flexibility to customize and pair the gaming monitors with other gadgets equipped with HDMI or DisplayPort. But a gaming monitor with IPH glass panel gives you this freedom. Besides, it is fully VESA compatible and can be mounted on different stands that should be chosen according to the weight and display screen of the monitor that they can support.
  • They Have a High Aspect Ratio – With an aspect ratio as high as 16:9 and contrast with the ratio of 1000:1, the 4k gaming monitors offer you the best video and audio experience. Also the response rate can be as high as 2ms(OD mode) and the resolution can shoot upto 3480*2160 for ultra clarity. Lastly, the gaming angle of such high-quality monitors can as much as 178°/178° so that you can tilt it according to your comfort and align it with your eyes perfectly.

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