How Secure Access Management Tool Can Help Protect Data!

The access to a network renders the network open to new dangers. And when it is about authenticating access to a business network, there needs to be careful diligence of duty, authority and limited access. As misuse of the business data across corporate world has brought about security threats, and GDPR compliance requires the scrutiny of the IT security systems, the secure access management systems are gaining importance.

Through an inherent design that provides access to appropriate employees as per their roles to bringing on-board only authenticated access, the secure access management routes for cost effective way of management and control!

Role-based access management

Access to business network should be granted to employees as per their roles. For this the rights are to be granted on the basis of their position, department and related work. The identity of one’s position is to be assumed and therefore after establishing the reporting requirements, the role based access management is created. The job profile defines the business network access which is designed as an automated process.

Automated approval systems

Unlike manually picking up the roles and limits of the access an employee is to be granted, an automated system work better and efficient. Here the criteria are pre-set by defining the hierarchy and access limitations. Therefore as a new employee, guest or on-board connection is made, the authority decides the access allowed to the person. The approval system requires some inputs to be made in regards to identity, verifications etc. therefore even if a new profile is created on the network a verification process shall be triggered which shall require a higher hierarchy person overview for the authority. It’s a full proof security access that helps establish security of authentication and authorization.

Disrupting inactive employee accounts

A major threat to most organizations has been the existence of the profiles of employees who have long left the organization. While the positions remain vacant the logins are accessed by people without authority. And therefore the threat to data exists. To safeguard from this an automated disrupt feature works to deactivate the account upon link with employee work profile. As the profile goes inactive, the account deactivates with a suitable backup. There is no potential misuse of the authorization expected!

With limited access and authority verification a secure access management tool enables organizations to build a rather safe IT security system in the corporate structure. It is both efficient and safe!

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