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What are the Main Elements that Your Homepage is missing?

Your homepage is obviously, hands down the most important page of your website. One thing to keep in mind is that the first impression is always the last impression, so make sure you make most of the traffic and filter that very traffic into potential leads and then into the loyal customers. Here is what web design Osborne Park has to say about the missing elements on your homepage. So, get on it and make the most of the most important page of your website.

  1. The hero image banner

This refers to a specific type of web banner when it comes to web design. It is a huge banner image that is put prominently on a web page, usually in the front and the center. It is the first visual that the visitor will see on the site and the gist is to present an overview of the website’s most important content. It usually entails image and text, it can be static or dynamic. These images are the primary object that helps in drawing your audience in and ensure that it conveys who you are, your purpose and how can you solve your customer’s problems. They usually contain:

  1. Headline: hook or main message 1 to 8 words max
  2. Sub headline: smaller text but a but detailed 1 to 2 sentences max
  3. Primary CTA or Call to Action: it redirects the user to buy, call or email
  4. Supporting image: the background image that goes well with the product or service theme that you are selling or promoting.
  5. Supporting information

It means building trust. No matter how advanced we are, people are still scared of putting their credit card information online and with a valid reason. A user should always be aware of putting their information anywhere on the website. Supporting information is important to attract your audience particularly the ones who are keen to know who you are, your purpose and how you intend to solve their problems. It validates their questions about your company, product or service and lets them to approach the CTA. Supporting information entails:

  1. Advantages of your products or services
  2. Who you are
  3. Affiliate logos
  4. Social evidence
  5. Reviews and testimonials
  6. Success indicators.
  1. Navigation

You should always aim to give your visitors a straightforward path towards their destination from your homepage. It is essential to ensure that the object is prominent as well as visible. The aim is to bring down the bounce rates, not waste the users’ time by leading them the wrong way. Many tend to get frustrated, particularly if they don’t find what they are seeking.

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